Prima has been involved with servicing the Private Industry since its inception in 1995. Providing assistance and solutions to companies at all levels.



Prima Information Solutions is the information management consulting provider that utility companies can turn to when they seek to improve profitability, lower costs and achieve greater customer satisfaction while managing their information assets.



Since 2000 we have been providing federal, provincial and municipal governments with expert advice to ensure they can easily meet their information governance requirements through efficient and cost-effective solutions.



The importance of privacy legislation, regulatory scrutiny, increased litigation and storage constraints are just a few of the challenges for financial institutions when it comes to managing their records and information. At Prima, we understand these challenges and can help organizations within the financial sector improve compliance and control over their records and other information assets. 



Prima's healthcare and related industry clients are utilizing our supported products to meet their specific needs in a variety of ways.


Healthcare agencies and organizations hold an enormous amount of information, both in electronic and paper format. This information should be effectively captured in order to efficiently manage it in context and have the ability to search and retrieve it when required. Micro Focus Content Manager software is an enterprise document and records management system capable of managing all information. Our clients successfully utilize their Micro Focus Content Manager system for case management.